Monthly Archives: June 2018

Jun 262018

Birding in Cape Elizabeth

For almost six years, Ingrid has been commuting from our home in Wiscasset, Maine to Pond Cove School in Cape Elizabeth . . . and hour each way.  In the last few years the commute has lengthened, and she has been spending two and a half hours a day in her car. This past winter […]

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Jun 242018


Today Ingrid and I made another trip to Hidden Valley Nature Center in nearby Jefferson. We got an Ovenbird . . . that often heard but rarely seen warbler. The little thrills in life.  

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Jun 222018

Canada Warbler

With most birds on their nests and spring migration in the rear view mirror . . . I headed up to headed up to the Hidden Valley Nature Center in nearby Jefferson, Maine to check out their bog. Saw a Canada Warbler, a Broad-winged Hawk and a variety of other warblers.  

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Jun 192018

Great Crested Flycatcher

So it’s my 60th birthday and Ingrid said she’d go birding with me to celebrate . . . but first she wanted to running. So I birded from the deck. Then Ingrid had to stop for groceries . . . so I continued to bird from the deck. When she got home she had to […]

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Jun 102018

Bicknell’s Thrush

For Christmas 2017, Ingrid gave me a birding trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire with a goal of getting the elusive and high elevation Bicknell’s Thrush. The trip was led by renown bird guide Derek Lovitch; another 8 birders; all transported in a big white van . . . ultimate destination . . […]

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