The Canvasback is a medium-sized duck with an elegant pattern of black, russet, and white. Males in breeding plumage have white-to-light-gray bodies, black undertail coverts and breasts, and deep rufous heads with red eyes. Adult males in non-breeding plumage have slightly darker bodies, but look similar. Female Canvasbacks are an overall grayish-brown in color, with a slightly browner head and neck. Juveniles look similar to females, but with less distinction between the head, neck, and body color. All ages and plumages have long, gently sloping black bills that give them a distinctive profile. This profile is one of the best ways to distinguish between the Canvasback and the similar-looking Redhead. Canvasbacks are also larger than Redheads, with long, flattish heads, and much whiter body coloration. Males can also be differentiated by their red eyes (male Redheads have yellow eyes) and bill color (black in Canvasbacks, blue with a black tip in Redheads).