Yearly Archives: 2020

Sep 162020

The Camera Helps

Ingrid and I have a saying . . . “The camera giveth and the camera taketh away”.  By that we mean, the camera can help you find a bird you could never recognize with the naked eye and other times  makes you realize the incredibly rare bird you just saw was a relatively common visitor. […]

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Sep 152020


Sunday morning I was up early to chase shorebirds at Popham Beach.  It was an amazing experience where I counted 300 Sanderlings, Black-bellied Plovers, an American Golden-Plover, Dunlins, Baird’s Sandpiper, both Semipalmateds, a Western Sandpiper, and both Yellow-legs. Peeps everywhere and very tame … one Sanderling walk between my legs.

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Sep 122020

Sometimes You Get Lucky

Some days you get very lucky. This morning I was driving by the back bay in our home town in Wiscasset when I saw an unusually large bird in with the usual peeps.  It was an American Golden-Plover . . . one of the great migrators. They breed in the Arctic and winter in Hawaii […]

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Sep 52020

Common Nighthawks

Yesterday on a lovely late summer evening Ingrid and I decided to take casual non-birding stroll around East Boothbay’s Ocean Point, a classic New England seafront neighborhood. After I few minutes we noticed a few Common Nighthawks flying over us . . . then more . . . and more . . . and more. […]

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Sep 32020

Merlin vs. Semipalmated Sandpiper

This afternoon I was birding at Timber Trail in Biddeford.   Didn’t see much until I was heading back to the car. I was looking at some Peeps with my binoculars when they all flew at once as a falcon buzzed them.  I tracked the attacker back to a power pole . . . and […]

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Aug 312020

Peeps at Sunrise

Bought a new scope early this month and have enjoyed sitting by the ocean watching Shearwaters and Storm-petrels far out to sea . . . but sometimes its important to look at the birds a few feet away . . . like these peeps.

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Aug 282020

Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Today I told my boss that I would be retiring at the end of October. She was a bit upset but wished me well and I then promised to complete a couple vital projects for the company before I left in a couple months. That of course was before I learned there was a Buff-breasted […]

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Aug 162020

Shorebird Migration in Full Swing

When I first started getting interested in birds I was amazed that some birds start migrating south at the end of July. Here-to-fore I thought of fall migration as the V-shaped line of geese flying south on gloomy days in November. In actuality one can find migrating birds on the hot muggy dog days of […]

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Aug 102020

Clark’s Grebe

This morning was a hot, muggy, and lazy Sunday morning here on the coast of Maine. COVID-19 has limited the usual influx of summer visitors but we were joined by Ingrid’s daughter and her girlfriend on Saturday and looked forward to a day of boating and eating too much. I got up early and was […]

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Jul 272020

Common Murres but No Tropic Bird

On July 12, 2005 a strange bird was sighted off the cold ocean waters of Deer Isle, Maine . . . a Red-billed Tropicbird. This bird should have been nesting on the Galapagos Islands or moving through the warm waters of the Virgin Islands or Panama. For the next 15 this same Red-billed Tropicbird would […]

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