White-throated Sparrow

he White-throated Sparrow has two color morphs that are equally represented in the population–white-striped and tan-striped. Both varieties have a brown-striped back and a clear, grayish-brown rump and tail. Their wings are brown-streaked with two white wing-bars. White-striped birds have alternating black and white stripes on their head, with white at the crown and above each eye, and yellow patches in front of the eyes. They have bright white throat-patches, clear gray breasts, and white bellies. Tan-striped birds have a similar head pattern, but the white is replaced with tan and the black with brown (with darker streaks). The yellow patches are less distinctive. The throat is still white, but dark streaks descending from each side of the bill split the white into three sections. The breast is more streaked, with less distinction between the breast and belly colors.