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Bird codes, also known as banding codes or alpha codes, are four-letter and six-letter abbreviations for bird names used by birders, bird banders and ornithologists, and birdwatchers in North and Central America. For example, the four-code for Wood Duck is “WODU”. The six-letter code is “AIXSPO” which is derived from the Wood Duck’s Scientific Name of “Aix sponsa”.

These Bird Codes are commonly used as short-hand to write a bird names (often incorrectly). When entering or reading field notes, Bird Codes can speed and simplify matters but can take years to learn and can be confusing.

The Bird Code Lookup App converts:

• Four Letter Codes into Common Bird Names
• Common Bird Names into Four Letter Codes (via a quick search)

• Six Letter Codes into Scientific Bird Names
• Scientific Bird Names into Six Letter Codes (via a quick search)

Contains the 2,168 Bird Species (and 113 Non-Species Taxa) in the 2021 AOU Supplement.

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