Bird Field Guide for Kids


A Guide to 500 Common Birds in the United States and Canada, designed for kids and anyone who is a kid at heart, Bird Field Guide for Kids opens up the wonderful world of birding to children.  Using fun and easy to use spinners, push buttons, and scrolling tables, this app makes bird identification a breeze.  

With 1,500+ photos, playback recording for all songbirds and range maps, the Bird Field Guide for Kids has the features of adult oriented field guides without the jargon confusing to kids and beginning birders.  

All 500 species have “fun facts” in kid-friendly language (i.e. an American Crow weighs about as the same as a can of soda).  

The “Bird Field Guide for Kids” makes it easy for your child to start their own life list by tapping a few buttons in the app.  

Screen time spent on this app will encourage your child to head outside! How many apps can do that?

Get Bird Field Guide for Kids and open the door to learning about the amazing birds living among us in the United States and Canada.  

Available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play!!!

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