Maine Big Year Gallery

324 Species for the Year

While Big Year rules only require a Birder to identify a species by sight or sound (the good old fashion honor system), I endeavored to photograph or record as many species as possible during the year.  This was difficult as birds are seen for fleeting moments; deep in a tangle of tree branches; while driving or at a great distance through a spotting scope.  In other cases, one is seeing several new species at a time and only one can be photographed. 

On this page you’ll see every bird on my Maine Big Year list along with the date and location I found it and the date and location of a validation photograph or recording.  Swipe right on photo for more info.  Tap for eBird info.

Read about my Maine Big Year on my Blog.

Alcids (6)

Bitterns (1)

Blackbirds (7)

Buntings (3)

Cardinals and Allies (2)

Chickadees (2)

Crows and Ravens (3)

Cuckoos (2)

Doves and Pigeons (3)

Ducks (28)

Eagles (3)

Falcons (3)

Finches and Allies (8)

Flycatchers (13)

Gannets and Cormorants (3)

Geese (7)

Gnatcatchers and Kinglets (3)

Grosbeaks (5)

Gulls (10)

Hawks (9)

Herons, Egrets and Spoonbills (11)

Hummingbirds (2)

Ibises (2)

Jays (2)

Kingfishers (1)

Longspurs and Larks (3)

Loons and Grebes (6)

Mimics, Starlings and Pipits (5)

Nuthatches and Creepers (3)

Orioles (2)

Owls, Nightjars, and Swifts (10)

Partridges, Grouse, and Turkeys (4)

Pelicans (0)

Rails, Gallinules, Coots, and Cranes (5)

Shearwaters and Storm-Petrels (7)

Shorebirds (37)

Shrikes and Vireos (7)

Skuas and Jaegers (4)

Sparrows (18)

Swallows (6)

Swans (2)

Tanagers (3)

Terns, Skimmers and Tropicbirds (8)

Thrushes (8)

Tits and Titmice (1)

Towhees (1)

Vultures (2)

Warblers and Chats (30)

Waxwings (2)

Woodpeckers (9)

Wrens (5)

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