Monthly Archives: March 2018

Greater White-fronted Goose

Ingrid is a teacher, so nine months of the year . . . the idea of dropping everything to chase a rare bird is only a dream.  I’m fortunate to work at home and rather independently . . .  so I’ve been known to sneak out with binoculars and camera when there are birds to […]

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Birding After Knee Replacement Surgery

Those of you that follow this website or use the Big Year Birding App know that we post to this site every couple days . . . namely because we are out Birding every couple days.   But we haven’t posted in three weeks . . . here is why. I have a bad left […]

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Red-winged Blackbird

Winter continues to hang-on here in Maine.  We usually see the first Ospreys about the first of April, but somehow this year I think they will be a little later than usual. We had originally planned to spend Sunday having brunch at one of our favorite restaurants which is closing for good in a month […]

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