Monthly Archives: January 2018

Three Brants in Maine

The Brant is a long distance migrator. They breed north of the Arctic Circle and winter between Long Island Sound and South Carolina.  They are occasionally seen in Maine while moving through during migration . . . but don’t stay very long. This winter, three Brants have taken up residence in Cape Elizabeth, Maine . […]

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Day of the Tree Sparrow

Ever have one of those days that everywhere you look you see the same bird?  Today it was the Tree Sparrow. At lunch time today I set off for Durham, Maine . . . a Lark Sparrow was being seen at a feeder.  While the Lark Sparrow is a common species in the west during […]

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Sharp-shinned Hawk and Red-throated Loon

During a conference call, I caught a motion out of the corner of my eye.  When I looked up I was surprised to see Sharp-shinned Hawk on the ground about 10 feet away (it had apparently missed a Juno under our feeders). The hawk immediately flew to a tree by the river, where it remained […]

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