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Sage Thrasher in Maine

With this week’s Storm of the Century a mere 24 hours away, Christmas visitors arriving for dinner and a dozen odds and ends to get done . . . I climbed out of bed around 5:00 am and began working my way through the to-do list. Around 8:00 am I headed for to the hardware […]

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Broad-tailed Hummingbird in Maine

During April School Vacation of 2019, Ingrid and I were in Arizona to see do a little birding and get a preview of warm spring weather. There we visited the Patton Center for Hummingbirds, a onetime private home, that is now a bird sanctuary known for its visiting hummingbirds. ¬†Located just outside, Patagonia, the Patton […]

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Day of the Dickcissel

Who remembers the 1975 spy movie, Three Days of the Condor? It starred Robert Redford and Fay Dunaway. A big hit at the time, I’m not sure it has aged all that well . . . with overly dramatic 70’s music and bad effects . . . but it’s a fun adventure. Anyway, yesterday I […]

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Evening Grosbeak

Ok, looking for a show of hands . . . how many of you take your phone to the bathroom?  I’m not talking about brushing your teeth.  I’m talking about that leisurely period, once or twice a day, where we can enjoy some good reading material. This morning, while “reading” I looked out the window […]

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Thanksgiving in Texas

Ingrid and I spent Thanksgiving in Jourdanton, Texas with our son Bradley and his wife Tanner. ¬†In January, they bought a beautiful home outside of San Antonio and this was our first opportunity to truly visit and learn the area (we had briefly stopped by in February when we were looking for Whooping Cranes). While […]

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