Monthly Archives: April 2022

Apr 272022

Take Our Warbler Quiz

Spring Migration is rolling so time for our Warbler Quiz. Test your know knowledge of these beautiful little visitors. The questions will get harder as we go along. At the end there are no awards, prize money or new cars . . . just the satisfaction that you’ve added to, or confirmed, your knowledge of […]

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Apr 252022

Rhinoceros Auklets

Ingrid has been a teacher for well over 30 years, a profession she loves and it has wonderful benefits.   While she has regular and generous vacations . . . there is no flexibility.  April vacation is always the third week of month and accordingly airline prices sometimes triple during that period (as they do […]

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Apr 232022

Spring Birding on Mt. Rainier

Its mid-April, we’re in Seattle and sixty miles away stands Mt. Rainier . . . Clark’s Nutcrackers, Canada Jays, Ptarmigans, and many many more.  We’re in the Pacific Northwest for vacation, a vacation we designated as non-birding, but we took our cameras and binoculars along. Our van tour picked us up just southwest of the […]

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Apr 212022

Birding in Seattle

Last Christmas I was stumped on what to give Ingrid.   Earrings???  Nah, been there done that.   Clothes???  My taste is awful. A new vacuum???  Grounds for divorce. So finally I decided upon a vacation trip to Seattle.  Ingrid had never been to the Pacific Northwest and had always want to visit . . […]

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Apr 132022

Maine Big Year Presentation

A discussion of Ethan Whitaker’s 2021 Maine Big Year for Bath’s Patten Free Library. Audio, video, audio and photos of some of the record 324 birds that were identified during his adventure. You’ll enjoy hearing about the unexpected and absurd encounters one has while traveling 60,000 miles, crisscrossing the State.

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Apr 112022

Northern Harrier

Yesterday, Ingrid and I were birding over at Great Salt Bay, one of our favorite hotspot in the nearby town of Nobleboro.  We were seeing an overlap of winter birds that have yet to move north (Northern Shrike and Buffleheads) and migrating birds that have recently arrived from the south (Pied-billed Grebe and Tree Swallows). […]

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Apr 62022

The First Warbler of the Spring

Some days it’s fun to set little challenges for one’s self.  When I used to run, it would be cover so many miles in such and such at time.  In recent years it’s been about finding birds. Each spring, it is exciting to spot the first returning Red-wing Blackbird (early March); the first Eastern Phoebe […]

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