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Mute Swans

On a quick stop at Butler Head, we were thrilled to see three beautiful Mute Swans browsing in the marsh grass.  While they’re an invasive species and in some places considered a pest . . . they are very rare in Maine and a thrilling sight. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”310″ display=”pro_mosaic”]

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Lincoln’s Sparrow

Ingrid refers to this year as “The Year of the Common Yellowthroat”, as they are everywhere. I was running a course on the east side of Westport Island, so on my drive I decided to stop at a small lily pad pond and try my magical Yellowthroat phishing skills again. As expected, a Common came […]

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Juvenile Bobolinks

A 6:30 AM trip to Great Salt Bay made us realize that the nesting part of summer may be coming to an end. Red-winged Blackbirds were few and far between, warblers while still plentiful are now in different locations, and the Bobolinks were completely gone. Around 7:00, the high grass suddenly came alive with juvenile […]

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Scarborough Marsh

A doctor’s appointment in Portland provided a great excuse for Ingrid and me to hit Scarborough Marsh, one of the finest birding spots in Maine. A muggy, 88-degree day tempered our enthusiasm for long hikes in the sun, so we stopped at a few places where we could leave the air conditioned car nearby. Stop […]

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Indigo Bunting

5:30 this morning while Ingrid was training for an upcoming road race at nearby Singing Meadow, I spent some time trying to photograph the Indigo Bunting that has been eluding us recently. He is loud, but shy and stays high in the tree tops, appearing momentarily as he moves to a new location. After about […]

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Atlantic Puffins

Summer is short in Maine, and thus very sweet. We savor every moment, and sometimes those moments are particularly magical. This evening was one of those moments. Once a year, Maine Audubon partners with Hardy Boat Cruises in New Harbor and runs a trip to Eastern Egg Rock where Project Puffin has worked diligently since […]

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