Monthly Archives: February 2019

Feb 272019

Horned Grebe

The days are getting longer . . . I can now get out for an hour and a half of birding before work.  Now I would appreciate someone turning the outdoors thermostat up above 7 degrees. Got a Horned Grebe this morning at Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.

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Feb 262019

Barrow’s Goldeneye

This afternoon I drove over to my bank in Bath, Maine and did some quick business . . . “quick” was the operative word and that gave me time to drive down to the City’s sewage treatment plant for a little birding. At first I saw the usual array of Ring-billed Gulls and Mergansers . […]

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Feb 232019

Bald Eagle

On a drive up the coast this afternoon Ingrid and I stopped  to scan a tidal river full of gulls, ducks, Buffleheads and Goldeneyes . . . looking for something unusual.  Suddenly all gulls took to the air, clearly scared by something. Simultaneously, Ingrid and I looked up and as expected a Bald Eagle began […]

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Feb 222019

Red-throated Loon

I was out birding at dawn hoping to get some of the birds being seen around the vicinity.  Here were the results: Barred Owl: didn’t find him Northern Shrike: nope Red-throated Grebe: never go close to the site . . . too much ice on the road So with tears in my eyes I returned […]

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Feb 202019

Snow Goose

This morning on a highway drive from south along the  Maine . . . I noticed a white blog in a group of Canada Geese.  I took the next exit, drove north, turned and headed south again . . . pulling off in the break down lane to check out the white blob . . […]

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Feb 1720191 comment

Snowy Owl Eruption

This morning Ingrid and I piled in the car and headed for Newton, Massachusetts for a birthday party for her Dad.    We were both looking forward to seeing Art . . . and to make the trip even more exciting . . . we had time to stop at Plum Island!!!! Plum Island is […]

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Feb 102019

Cliff House

Sometimes Ingrid and I come up with ways to watch birds without tromping through the cold and wet . . . like breakfast at the Cliff House. Cliff House is an elegant four seasons resort in Cape Neddick, Maine.  All restaurants and guest rooms appear to hang over the Atlantic Ocean as the resort is […]

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Feb 92019

Searching for a Barrow’s Goldeneye

Sometime in the next few weeks, Ingrid and I will see our first Red-winged Blackbird or Turkey Vulture of the year . . . our first sign of spring in Maine.   But while winter continues to linger, we’ll start to look for the few winter birds we haven’t seen this year. Yesterday, I headed […]

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Feb 62019

February Thaw

February in Maine sucks.  Its cold, snowy, icy, and spring migration seems a long way away. Today was a brilliant  preview of Spring  . . . a cloudless sunny sky with temperatures reaching 57 degrees. Managed to skip out for an hour to Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth for a bit of birding.  […]

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Feb 42019

Eurasian Wigeon

The morning after another New England Patriots Super Bowl victory (it’s great to be a Pats fan) I was up early to try and get the Eurasian Wigeon being seen in Kennebunk, Maine. The Eurasian Wigeon is an Old World species that occasionally will appear along east and west coasts.  This one has been seen […]

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Feb 22019

Maine’s Great Black Hawk – Rest in Peace

One of the most remarkable 2018 events in North American Birding was the arrival of a Great Black Hawk in Maine.  A native of South and Central America, the first confirmed sighting ever in the United States was in early summer on San Padres Island, Texas . . . just north of the Mexican border.  […]

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