Ethan and Ingrid’s 2024 Big Year (Week 27)

Ethan and Ingrid’s 2024 Big Year (Week 27)

A recap of the 27th week of our 48 State Big Year (2024). Well that headline is really a lie . . . it’s actually a review of a bird we saw in late May . . . a Willow Ptarmigan. This bird of the high arctic showed up all over the state of Maine before we finally saw it.

Links discussed in this video:
Doug Hitchcox:
Michael Boardman:


  1. By Sister Marty Dermody -

    Wow, thanks for this update and the story of the Willow ptarmigan. Quite a bird and an experience!

  2. By Kathy Rawdon -

    How awesome to add that to your big year(lower 48) and to your Maine life list! What a thrill to get so close. Such a reminder that for bird life every day in nature can be life and death. Wonder if having white feathers can be a curse.
    I wonder about Boardman and his specific songs. Were they written for your blog?? It really adds a lot of interest as do the movie film clips. I wait anxiously for your next entry. Have fun!
    Thank you, Kathy

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