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Ending the Maine Big Year with a Bang!!!

On the day after Christmas, a friend from college, Dave Bailey (we are friends no matter how much he tries to  deny it), asked me: “Five days left….any more ”white whales” you hope to catch before the clock runs out?” I hadn’t had a new bird since December 3, didn’t have any real leads, and […]

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Steller’s Sea-Eagle

Steller’s Sea-Eagle at a distance. Note the much smaller Bald Eagle The Steller’s Sea-Eagle is one of the world’s largest and rarest raptors.  A glacial relict, it evolved over several ice ages . . . breeding along the east Russian coast  and wintering in Korea, Japan and northern China.  Occasionally one is seen over Alaska’s […]

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Bates College Write-Up

My Alma Mater, Bates College in Lewiston, Maine did a write-up on my Maine Big Year . . . clearly a slow news day. A record-breaking Big Year for Maine birder Ethan Whitaker ’80    

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Gray Kingbird

Christmas is coming and I really haven’t done much shopping, so this morning I committed to no birding and jumped in the car with the best of intentions . .  . this year I’m not waiting till the last minute. Then a text came in from Ingrid: “Grey kingbird in Biddeford”. Ignoring her obvious spelling […]

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