Monthly Archives: October 2022

Oct 302022

Birding with One Hand

About three weeks ago I tripped over a root while following a woodpecker through the trees . . . in other words I was looking up when I should have been looking down.  The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground with a dislocated shoulder and what used to be a very […]

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Oct 152022

Horned Larks in their Usual Place

Brunswick Landing and Executive Airport is a thriving, commercial park that emerged after the Cold War era Brunswick Naval Air Station was decommissioned. In a grass field located in a few hundred yards from the runways, more often than not, one car find Horned Larks foraging.

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Oct 112022

Off the Birding Bench

With my birding temporarily on hold as I wait for an MRI to determine why my shoulder keeps dislocating . . . sometimes serendipity steps in. This Barred Owl was sitting a few feet from where we park our cars at our condo. Listen to the angry Tufted Titmice and Red-breasted Nuthatches trying to drive […]

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Oct 72022

Birding for the Complete Klutz

Yesterday, as I was watching a Red-bellied Woodpecker moving through the trees tops at Robinson’s Woods in Cape Elizabeth, I was attacked by an aggressive root.  I fell on my shoulder and dislocated it … the Emergency Care PA popped it in three times before it stayed. Not fun! Ingrid pointed out that I broke […]

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Oct 42022

Say’s Phoebe in Maine

It was late September in 2020, I was a month away from retiring, trying to be professional and finish up several projects before riding off into the sunset. On the 24th a report of Say’s Phoebe in central Maine came through in my e-mail.  A common bird in the west, Ingrid and I had seen […]

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