Monthly Archives: February 2023

Feb 262023

The Great Gray Owl I never saw

Six years ago this week, I was on a business trip in South Carolina . . . a nice respite from February in Maine. Then I got a text message from Ingrid . . . a Great Gray Owl had been seen in Searsmont, Maine . . . and she was on her way. Oh […]

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Feb 242023

Bullock’s Oriole in a Maine Winter

Surprise! This post comes from Ingrid, not Ethan. School vacation week brings exciting opportunities for birding on WEEKDAYS at ANYTIME. Thus when a rare Bullock’s Oriole was reported visiting a Westbrook, Maine feeder during my school’s February vacation, I had the glorious freedom to go see it rather than pining for it from my 4th […]

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Feb 232023

Feeder Watch Between Storms

Except for one 24 hour period where the wind chill hit 50 below, this winter in Maine has been very mild. A few light snow storms, some ice and relatively mild temperatures have made things quite pleasant (all things being relative).   The long range forecast seems to be telling us that our good luck […]

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Feb 192023

Birding Until the Steller’s Sea-Eagle Returns

As I write this, its been four days since the Steller’s Sea-Eagle has been seen.  Birders from around the country continue to pour into Maine, hoping to see our orange billed celebrity.  I feel bad as they keep coming up empty. Three times I’ve had strangers point out Greater Black-backed Gulls to me . . . […]

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Feb 92023

Brants return to Kettle Cove

The Brant is a common winter resident of the Mid-Atlantic states but is rarely found north of Cape Cod. But each winter a handful of these cubby little characters show up on a beach in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I know of nowhere else in Maine that Brants are regularly found. This year, the Brants didn’t […]

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Feb 92023

Steller’s Sea-Eagle on Local TV

The Steller’s Sea-Eagle has now been seen for the last five days.  At this writing a couple that drove up from Maryland this morning reports our celebrity bird has not yet arrived (but I suspect it will). Local media has been sending out reporters.  I was asked twice if I had any photos I could […]

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Feb 82023

Birders flock into Maine

Just as in his first visit to Maine, last winter, the Steller’s Sea-Eagle is attracting large crowds of Birders from all over the country. I’ve seen him (or her) three out of the four days at a distance and have enjoyed meeting folks from around the country.

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Feb 52023

The Steller’s Sea-Eagle is Back!!!!

For those of you that followed my 2021 Maine Big Year . . . you may remember the most improbable bird of the year (and my entire life) showed up on the last day of the adventure.  A Steller’s Sea-Eagle, a bird of the Russian ice was seen 10 miles from our house in Wiscasset, […]

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Feb 12023

Common Ringed Plover

The Common Ringed Plover primarily nests in Greenland and the high arctic of Canada before migrating toward its winter home in Africa. The nearly identical Semipalmated Plover migrates by the thousands through North America. Vagrant Common Ringed Plover individuals are probably missed in these autumn hordes that descend upon American beaches. Yesterday, January 31, 2023, this […]

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