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Rock Wren in Maine

This morning about 8:30 I got my first text . . . a Rock Wren was feeding on ocean rocks in the parking lot of an Ogunquit, Maine restaurant.  I was in the car 10 minutes later. A Rock Wren is a bird of the arid American West.  It is so adapted for the desert […]

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Pine Grosbeaks

If you travel to University of Maine’s main campus in Orono, drive past the fraternities, the football field, the academic building and the long term parking and you’ll find the “Lyle E. Littlefield Ornamentals Trial Garden.” Littlefield is world renown for 2,500 woody and herbaceous plants, including 180 lilacs, 150 rhododendrons, 35 magnolias and especially is crabapple trees […]

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Rare Feeder Visitors

One of the great things about the Birding Community (especially the Maine Birding Community) occurs when a rare bird visits a residential feeder. The homeowner will post visiting directions (park on left side of road, stand behind swing set, etc.) and the Birding crazies will respectfully arrive (wearing masks), wait for the bird . . […]

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Short-eared Owl

This morning, right after dawn and in heavy fog, I was walking through a blueberry barren when right in front of me a large owl exploded into the air.  I was startled and didn’t get my camera up before the bird disappeared into the fog. Disappointed I continued to hike up the hill when suddenly […]

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