Monthly Archives: September 2020

No Say’s Phoebe

Yesterday evening after a long day at work for both of us, Ingrid told me that every birder in Maine had picked up a Say’s Phoebe in New Gloucester a rural community in central Maine.  We had both seen Say’s Phoebes in Texas, Arizona and California (photo above) . . . but it is rarely […]

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The Camera Helps

Ingrid and I have a saying . . . “The camera giveth and the camera taketh away”.  By that we mean, the camera can help you find a bird you could never recognize with the naked eye and other times  makes you realize the incredibly rare bird you just saw was a relatively common visitor. […]

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Sunday morning I was up early to chase shorebirds at Popham Beach.  It was an amazing experience where I counted 300 Sanderlings, Black-bellied Plovers, an American Golden-Plover, Dunlins, Baird’s Sandpiper, both Semipalmateds, a Western Sandpiper, and both Yellow-legs. Peeps everywhere and very tame … one Sanderling walk between my legs.

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Common Nighthawks

Yesterday on a lovely late summer evening Ingrid and I decided to take casual non-birding stroll around East Boothbay’s Ocean Point, a classic New England seafront neighborhood. After I few minutes we noticed a few Common Nighthawks flying over us . . . then more . . . and more . . . and more. […]

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