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Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island is a relatively small island ten miles off the coast of Maine. While only a little over a mile and a half long and under three quarters of a mile wide . . . it has endless well maintained trails through a variety of habitat . . . and is one of the […]

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Black Skimmers in Maine

A couple weeks ago, Hurricane Dorian swept up the eastern seaboard after devastating parts of the Bahamas. Its often overlooked the effect that a big storm has on wildlife and this week birders along the coast of Maine have been reminded of this fact. Black Skimmers are peculiar looking bird that uses their enormous bill […]

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Marsh Wren

This morning I was looking for migrating warbler at a local hots spot (Butler head) when I started hearing a weird gurgling sound from the nearby marsh.  It was a happy sound coming from a handful of location across the quarter mile expanse of reeds. As listened I began to suspect a Wren and putting […]

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The Pelagic Trip from Hell

For us, one of the highlights of September each year (other than the return of the New England Patriots) is Maine Audubon’s Deep Sea Pelagic Trip.  In years past we’ve seen Jaeger, Shearwaters and Skuas up close and personal while sharing comradely with other birders. Yesterday’s trip was completely different. . . the seas were […]

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Merlin vs. Semipalmated Sandpiper

This afternoon I was birding at Timber Trail in Biddeford.   Didn’t see much until I was heading back to the car. I was looking at some Peeps with my binoculars when they all flew at once as a falcon buzzed them.  I tracked the attacker back to a power pole . . . and […]

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