Monthly Archives: May 2018

May 252018

Pine Warbler on Bird Feeder Cam

Warblers are bug eaters . . . but at certain times of the year . . . they will turn to seeds to supplement their diet.  For the last week we have had a pair of warblers showing up on one of our platform feeders . . . probably with young in the nest. [ngg […]

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May 242018

Timber Trail

With Ingrid tied up with a class I spent the day birding . . . hitting Capisic Park in Portland and then traveling to Timber Trail in Biddeford Pool, Maine. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”335″ display=”pro_mosaic”]

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May 182018

Yellow Warbler

During a Maine summer . . . the Yellow Warbler is an omnipresent resident . . . starting to see them in full force. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”331″ display=”pro_mosaic”]   

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May 132018

Blackburnian Warblers

Ingrid went for a run and called me on her phone . . . she had heard a strange bird at the end of our long driveway.  I rushed out and was delighted to find two Blackburnian Warblers moving through the tree tops. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”330″ display=”pro_mosaic”]

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