Monthly Archives: October 2019

Ruddy Ducks in Maine

Ruddy Ducks occasionally are seen in Maine during migration . . . but not very often . . . except . .  Each year on a large Pond in the center of the State, hundreds of Ruddy Ducks descend upon Sabattus Lake to feast on Chinese Mystery Snails . . . an invasive species that […]

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Birding after the Storm

Four days ago, Maine was hit by a destructive wind storm that knocked out power for days.   The winds remained high until yesterday when it was finally safe to explore the woods for birds (fallout conditions???). Nothing extraordinary was seen . . . but Ingrid found a rare (for Maine) Red-bellied Woodpecker in a […]

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Birding in Puerto Rico

I was in Puerto Rico part of this week on business . . . and as I grow older business travel is becoming just plain miserable. Once I learned of the trip, poor Ingrid (my wonderful and under appreciated wife) . . . in order to get me to shut up and quit whining suggested […]

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