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Mutes Swans

New England can be easily divided into two regions.  Its northern states (Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont) and southern states (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island) can be thought of as rural (up north) and urban (down south). Winters are colder up north; south is more liberal and for the sake of this blog . . […]

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As 2020 mercifully comes to an end, it’s really difficult to add a new bird to one’s checklist.  Migration is long over and while there are one or two rarities still kicking around (i.e. the Rock Wren in Maine) they have already been recorded weeks ago. Suddenly late yesterday evening a Dickcissel was reported at […]

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Purple Sandpiper

When I think of sandpipers, I used to think of warm summer beaches, watching little birds running along the surf . . . beach blankets, suntan oil and cold beer. That was all before I became a birder and I began to understand the different kinds of peeps, different migration patterns and food supply. Which […]

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Wedding Crashing for a Western Tanager

So this afternoon, the report of a juvenile female Western Tanager was confirmed at the Cliff House, a premier resort in Ogunquit, Maine.  I was a good 90 minutes away and I’d only have about 45 minutes of daylight once I arrived. Naturally, I hit traffic and I thought about giving up . . . […]

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Eagles move to the coast

Ingrid and I live on the coast of Maine and each December Bald Eagles arrive in mass . . . as the inland lakes freeze over and the Eagles move to open water to fish. I got this beauty this afternoon at Reid State Park beach. I also saw this Rough-legged Hawk. these Sanderlings. and […]

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Northern Harrier

There are certain birds that take my breath away . . . that every time I see one, I’m amazed and riveted by the sight. The Northern Harrier, sometimes referred to as the Gray Ghost, is one such bird.  It’s ability to glide, just a few feet off the ground for long periods of time, […]

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