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Two Surprise Lifers

Birders are gossips.  We’re always listening to other birder’s conversations, searching the internet or simply asking others “have you seen anything good?” Today Ingrid and got two lifers (birds we have never seen before) without any intelligence before hand. While searching a beach east of Corpus Christi we saw a shorebird . . . probably […]

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Whooping Cranes

Our tallest bird, averaging 5′ 2″ with a 7 and a half foot wing span, the Whooping Cranes is a life birds for  Ingrid and me as our birding trip to Texas continues. A critically endangered species due to hunting and habitat loss.  By 1941 only 15 birds wintered in Texas. Serious conservation issues and […]

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Green Jay

As Ingrid and I prepare for our Big Year in 2024 (the Birds of the lower 48 states) we’re scouting different locations.  Having a general idea where and when regional birds are being seen goes a long way toward a successful Big Year. We are currently halfway through our third trip to Texas since 2015 […]

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Birding in Texas

After two year of birding only in Maine (Pandemic and Maine Big Year), yesterday evening Ingrid and I flew into the Gulf Coast of Texas for a week of catching up. First stop was the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas, Texas where we saw dozens of species including White Pelicans . . . damn […]

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Red-Shouldered Hawk

This afternoon while taking a break from Book promotion (a lot more than I expected) I did some birding from the car. While driving north of Damariscotta Lake I saw something large fly across the road in front of me. I figured it was probably a Red-tailed Hawk but I slowed to check it out. […]

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Rare Maine Bird Wrap-up

With the excitement of the Maine Big Year and the “Every Bird in Maine” Coffee Table book behind me, I’m finally out birding for fun again. Its kind of nice after a year of Go Go Go, to spend some time leisurely checking out the birds in the area. The bird news in Maine birding […]

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