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Bald Eagles Competing for a Fish

This morning Ingrid and I were awakened to the sound of two Bald Eagles arguing over a fish that one of them had caught. Moving about and quarreling just below our bedroom window, we watched them for almost a half hour. These appeared to second year birds . . . Bald Eagles take five years […]

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Red-winged Blackbird vs Red-tailed Hawk

Every once in a while, birders see something special . . . something unexpected. Yesterday Ingrid and I were at a salt marsh observing the first wave of shorebird moving south.  It always amazes me that fall migration begins in July. Suddenly we heard the unmistakable call of a Red-tailed Hawk, the same call that […]

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Little Gull in Maine

Several years ago I went to a Gull seminar.  The speaker walked the audience through the various Gulls found in Maine and how to tell them apart.  But in his lecture he made subtle, references to “Gull People”. No, he wasn’t talking about a bad 1950’s science fiction movie . . . “Gull People” are […]

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Still no Tufted Puffin

For the last month a Tufted Puffin, a common west coast bird, but almost unheard of on the east coast has been popping up along the coast of Maine for the last month.  On June 22 and 23 it was seen on Petit Manan Island, near Bar Harbor.   Then on July 1, it appeared […]

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Black Skimmers

Ingrid and I promised each other a quiet evening at home tonight.  We’ve been busy with work (her’s not mine), home improvement projects, visitors and road trips.  We are both a little worn down and looked forward to steak on the grill and a little Red Sox vs. Yankees Baseball. Then about 3:00 pm a […]

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Sudden Influx of Rarities

Yesterday morning around 11 am, an area birder, Gordon Smith was driving through rural Brunswick, Maine with his windows open.  Stopping at a four way intersection, he heard a bird singing “tsillik, tsillik.”  The song was an insect-like, feeble hiccup that he had heard before. Racing home, Gordon returned with recording gear and after analysis […]

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