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Shorebird Migration Has Begun

When I first started birding, I figured that birds migrated north in the Spring and migrated south in the Fall. Boy was I surprised to learn that shorebirds (Sandpipers, Plovers, etc.) start their migration in mid-summer. In the spring we don’t see a lot of shorebird. ¬† That’s because they are moving from their wintering […]

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White-winged Crossbill

Each winter, Ingrid and I hope to locate a White-winged Crossbill high up in Maine spruce trees. ¬†Some years we are lucky enough to see one or two . . . some years none at all. The White-winged Crossbill, is a stocky bird with a large head, a unique bill and it lives most of […]

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2024 Big Year Planning Continues

With our 2024 Continental USA Big Year now just 167 days away . . . Ingrid and I continue our planning. We now have a three ring binder of pelagic trips, plane flights, guides, target birds and maps.  Its a bit overwhelming. Today, a couple dear friends from New Hampshire gave us a couple “Birder” […]

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Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks – Ten Years Later

It was Wednesday May 30, 2013 and Ingrid and I were driving up to Bar Harbor for something called the “Acadia Birding Festival.” Ingrid and I had only been dating for four months, and we were still in that phase where I would accede to anything she asked; now I make a federal case when […]

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Philadelphia Vireo

PEOPLE STARING AT THEIR PHONES. PEOPLE STARING AT THEIR PHONES. PEOPLE STARING AT THEIR PHONES. If you are in a hospital waiting room or sitting at a bar or riding a bus or standing in a grocery store line . . . you’ve probably noticed PEOPLE STARING AT THEIR PHONES!!! But one would think Birders […]

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