Monthly Archives: December 2023

Hepatic Tanager in Maine . . . On December 30

Tanagers are some of the planet’s most beautiful birds . . . often a combination of bright reds and yellows.  There are 386 species of Tanagers scattered across the world, but only four are found in North America.  The most common of these is the Scarlet Tanager which nests throughout the northeast and into Canada. […]

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Day of the Dovekie

The Dovekie is a tiny ocean bird, in the same family as our charismatic Atlantic Puffin.  About the size of a pigeon, this black and white bird spends its entire life on the open ocean, only coming to shore to nest. Because of their deep sea habitat, Ingrid and I only see a few Dovekies […]

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Blue Grosbeak – Ingrid’s 300th Maine Bird of the Year

Today, Ingrid and I drove down to Kennebunk, Maine to visit a lovely beachfront community.   Our mission was to find the Blue Grosbeak that has been seen moving through the landscaping in this eye-catching neighborhood. Imagine if you lived in one of these beautiful homes and looked out your front windows to see strangers […]

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3 Weeks Until Our Big Year

Ingrid and I are not doing a lot of birding right now.  Most of our energy is going into planning of our 2024 Big Year across the Lower 48 States. This long anticipated, 366 day adventure (thank you Leap Year for one extra day!) to see as many species of birds as possible is only […]

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