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Shearwaters and Friends

On a June 28, 2022, Ingrid and I took a whale watch out of Provincetown, Massachusetts  we observed four different types of Shearwaters (Great, Manx, Sooty and Cory’s), Whales (Humpback and Fin), Gray Seals and other sea birds. Here is a compilation.

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The Cape Cod Bobwhite

When Ingrid was young, some of her favorite memories were made on Cape Cod with her family.  They spent their summers and many a weekend at a vacation home a short distance from the beach.  She loves to tell me about riding bikes to the beach, ice cream, mini-golf and other family adventures. I, on […]

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——- A couple days ago (Wednesday) I received an incredible photo from a friend who manages Maine’s offshore islands for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. ┬áIt was of two Puffins . . . one Maine’s adorable Atlantic Puffin and the other . . . a Tufted Puffin!!!! The Tufted Puffin is a west coast […]

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Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron

Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron’s nest in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Late summer a few appear in Maine after their young have fledged. Yesterday (June 13, 2022), Ingrid observed this Yellow-crowned Night-Heron feeding in the marsh grass around a grocery store in South Portland, Maine. Very unusual to see one so early in the year.

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Blue Grosbeak

Brunswick is thriving community about 10 miles south of our home in Wiscasset.  It has a thriving industrial park and Executive Airport (both of which sprung from installations at a now defunct Naval Air Station); one of the nation’s premier liberal arts colleges (Bowdoin College); and a charming, quintessential New England downtown. And for the […]

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