Monthly Archives: June 2017

Pileated Woodpecker

Went out this morning to bird a “swamp” by a nearby town.  Unfortunately the mosquitoes were as bad as I’ve ever experienced.  After a couple of minutes I raced back to the car, grabbed my trusty can of Deep Woods Off and covered myself with it. While there were some birds high in the trees, […]

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Great Blue Herons

I’m not the biggest fan of business travel . . . in fact I hate it.  One is cramped into small planes, cookie cutter hotels and far from loved ones.  Over the years, my job has had me on the road a lot  . . . and I’ve learned to grin and bear it.  Since […]

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The End of Warbler Season

The first of June is the end of warbler season and time to look back at what we saw and what we missed. We’ll see them again when they come back through in the fall . . . but it’s not as much fun as their colors are duller and the migration is spread across […]

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