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Purple Gallinule in Maine

January 2011, my son Bradley and I took a trip to southern Florida and the Everglades. This was a couple years before Ingrid and birding entered my life . . . so Bradley and I were on the airboat to see alligators. While deep in the swamp, the airboat driver slowed to see a monster […]

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Dickcissel in Maine

Ingrid filmed a Dickcissel this afternoon near a community garden in Brunswick, Maine.  This charming visitor from the Midwest  United States is a rare sight in Maine. During the breeding season, Dickcissels are primarily found on the Great Plains and throughout the Midwest. Their preferred breeding habitat consists of grasslands, prairies, and open fields, where […]

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Cashes Ledge Pelagic

Cashes Ledge is an underwater mountain range, about 70 miles off the Maine coast, roughly halfway between Bar Harbor and Provincetown, Massachusetts.   Covering 550 square miles, it rises to just 24 feet below the surface.  This dramatic climb from the Gulf of Maine’s ocean floor creates an upwelling of nutrients . . . attracting […]

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Ingrid gets a Hudsonian Godwit

Ingrid and I are approaching our 10th anniversary.  Her youngest daughter just had a beautiful baby boy.  Last month we spent two weeks in Europe and we are both comfortably retired. One would think everything is great . . . except today she photographed a rare Hudsonian Godwit as it paused to feed in Portland. […]

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