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American Pipits in the Wrack

When most of us hear the term “Beach” we think of pristine sand . . . ideal for sun bathing and sand castles. Birders want none of that pristine sand!!!  We want seaweed or a “wrack” running from the surf up onto the beach.  Ideally the wrack should have started to decay and be full […]

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Swainson’s Hawk in Maine

Wedding Anniversaries come around once a year . . . thank God. Each year: I have to remember the Anniversary. Buy a card for the Anniversary. And buy a present for the Anniversary. For someone as scatter brained as I am . . . a Wedding Anniversary can be a real challenge. Most years I […]

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European Non-Birding Vacation Continues

Day 3 of our two week European Holiday did not disappoint.  Today we visited the sights of London . . . Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Rose-Ringed Parakeets, West Minster Abbey, St. Paul . . . What??? Wait??? Rose-Ringed Parakeets???  In London???? This latest birding distraction began in front of Buckingham Place as we posed for […]

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Ravens of the Tower of London

Ingrid and I are in Europe on a non-birding vacation (gasp).   Our first stop was the Tower of London . . . old fortresses, the crown jewels and . . . RAVENS!!!! At least 6 Ravens (currently 9, including a non-captive breeding pair) live on the grounds of the Tower of London . . […]

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Peregrine Falcon Shuffling the Deck

Yesterday, Ingrid and I visited Morse Mt (Seawall Beach), a nature preserve owned and managed by Bates College . . . my beloved alma mater.  When I was in college, a bunch of my friends were geology majors.  While I was writing 100 page papers and arguing the finer points of Federalist #10 . . […]

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