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Bird Field Guide for Kids

A Guide to 500 Common Birds in the United States and Canada, designed for kids and anyone who is a kid at heart, Bird Field Guide for Kids opens up the wonderful world of birding to children.  Using fun and easy to use spinners, push buttons, and scrolling tables, this app makes bird identification a […]

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Harris’s Sparrow

Ingrid has been a 4th grade teacher for decades and thus has developed immunity to all disease.   Even during the worst of Omnicron when most of her students tested positive . . . Ingrid remained healthy.  And her super-human immune system extends to the flu, the common cold and probably cat-scratch fever. Of course […]

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2022 Life Birds

With the pandemic and the Maine Big Year over . . . Ingrid and I were finally able to get out of the State of Maine . . . some sightseeing and some birding.  We got a few Life Birds in the process.  

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Snow Buntings

While winter in Maine is long and usually stormy (not so much this winter), its a great place to be a birder.  Birds that nest in the high arctic push into the state for a little day light and better weather. One of the winter highlights each year is the return of Snow Buntings . […]

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The Year Lists Reset

Keeping a year list is one of the great pleasures of birding. Year lists are our New Year’s Resolution to keep birding. Lists reset to zero and you get to start counting Chickadees, Bluejays and Robins . . . one, two, three. The lunatic fringe begins their Big Year efforts on January 1, the sane […]

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