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Townsend’s Solitaire

On September 12, about two months ago, I was birding at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine, an amazing forest, meadow, salt marsh and ocean preserve. A robin sized bird flew in front of me.  Grayish/black with a white ring around the eye . . . it disappeared into a thicket and I could not find […]

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Ross’s Goose

It’s now been six weeks since my fall which precipitated four painful shoulder separations and things continue to improve.   I can now use my right arm to do most daily activities, unfortunately many of them still hurt like the dickens. For instance, I pick and choose when to raise my binoculars up to my […]

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Canada Jay – the Clown of the Boreal Forest

Yesterday (11/11/22), Ingrid and I travelled up to Rangeley, Maine to walk the length of Boy Scout Road, a three mile stretch through spruce trees, bogs and streams. Boy Scout Woods is a great place to find species that live in the Boreal Forests of the north that one never sees outside of this habitat. […]

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Canvasbacks and Friends

One or two Canvasback ducks usually show up in Maine during each fall or winter.  But last year during my Maine Big Year I scoured all the likely locations hoping to find one . . . but to no avail. Then yesterday, there were eight Canvasbacks on Cobbosseecontee Lake in Monmouth, Maine. This is a […]

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A Lucky Gallinule

So Ingrid and I are at our condo in Cape Elizabeth (just south of Portland, Maine) and a rare Common Gallinule is reported on a pond in Belfast … a bird rarely seen this side of the Mississippi.  My birding has been limited for the last four weeks by my shoulder injury, but yesterday I […]

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