Monthly Archives: October 2021

Pink-footed Goose

One of the great things about a Big Year, and birding in general, you go places that you would never normally visit.  Ingrid and I have travelled all over the country chasing birds and found amazing sights, interesting food and fascinating people. This week, I made two trips to Limestone, Maine trying to find a […]

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Pacific Loon

Throughout the Maine Big Year, Ingrid and I have spent quite a bit of time on ferries and whale watch boats trying to get at many of the seabirds that prowl the oceans off our coast.  Most of these birds live their entire lives at sea . . . only coming to land to breed […]

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Problematic Bird Names

My year long quest to improve Exxon profitability took me to a wooded condo development in Kennebunk where a Red-headed Woodpecker, a Maine rarity, had been reported this morning. After few hours and no Red-headed Woodpecker, Ingrid texted wondering “perhaps they saw a ‘Red-bellied Woodpecker’ and were confusing the two birds.”   And as a […]

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Summer Tanager

A Big Year is 25% planning, 25% skill, 25% execution and 90% luck . . . I know the math doesn’t work but the events of yesterday made me realize how big a role luck is actually playing. I was in the field at dawn and spent about six hours looking for birds in Cape […]

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