Monthly Archives: April 2018

Apr 302018

The Great Greater Yellowlegs Influx

Each fall, we see lots of Greater (and Lesser) Yellowlegs migrating through. The first travel will appear in mid August and we’re still seeing them in October. But like a lot of shorebirds, they don’t seem to dawdle in during their north bound spring migration . . . we might see one or two most […]

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Apr 282018

The Cusp of Spring Migration

You can feel them coming . . . birds are moving north.  Our friends in High Island, Texas reported 23 different warblers yesterday.  Further north the mid-Atlantic hummingbird feeders are mobbed by Ruby-throated Hummers. But in Maine, we are just feeling the tip of the spear with early arrivers like Palm and Pine Warblers; a […]

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Apr 242018

Penny Lake in Boothbay

This evening after work, Ingrid and I rushed over to Penny Lake in nearby Boothbay Harbor . . . a place where we’ve had great success during spring migrations.  Its still only April 24 so its early to see a lot of warblers . . . a bit like putting up the Christmas Tree before […]

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Apr 232018

Swamp Sparrow – Bird #200 of the Year

With my replaced knee healing and the birds migrating through . . . I am anxious to get out in the field as much as possible.   In the unfortunate timing department, Ingrid’s daughter and her boyfriend visited this weekend and for some strange reason Ingrid didn’t think they’d enjoy plodding through cold wet marshes […]

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Apr 182018

Wilson’s Snipes

On the way back from a short afternoon meeting in a nearby town, Ingrid and I stopped at the Buffalo Ranch in Bath, Maine for a little birding. The Buffalo Ranch used to  . . .  you guessed it . . . have dozens of buffalo roaming through it’s meadows.   Several years ago, the […]

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Apr 152018

Maryland Birding

My baby sister and her husband live in University Park, Maryland . . . just a few miles outside of our nation’s capital.   Their neighborhood is a beautiful suburb of lovely homes all meticulously landscaped, lots of green space and several small streams.  This combination makes for terrific backyard birding. Saturday morning we woke […]

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Apr 72018

Winter Slowly Gives in to Spring

The snowiest March in memory, surgery recovery and the general demands of life have limited our birding since February. Yet there are signs of hope . . . the first Ospreys arrived in the area this week; a bunch of beautiful male Purple Finches suddenly appeared at our feeders this morning (first of year); and […]

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