Monthly Archives: August 2020

Peeps at Sunrise

Bought a new scope early this month and have enjoyed sitting by the ocean watching Shearwaters and Storm-petrels far out to sea . . . but sometimes its important to look at the birds a few feet away . . . like these peeps.

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Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Today I told my boss that I would be retiring at the end of October. She was a bit upset but wished me well and I then promised to complete a couple vital projects for the company before I left in a couple months. That of course was before I learned there was a Buff-breasted […]

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Shorebird Migration in Full Swing

When I first started getting interested in birds I was amazed that some birds start migrating south at the end of July. Here-to-fore I thought of fall migration as the V-shaped line of geese flying south on gloomy days in November. In actuality one can find migrating birds on the hot muggy dog days of […]

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Clark’s Grebe

This morning was a hot, muggy, and lazy Sunday morning here on the coast of Maine. COVID-19 has limited the usual influx of summer visitors but we were joined by Ingrid’s daughter and her girlfriend on Saturday and looked forward to a day of boating and eating too much. I got up early and was […]

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