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If He Catches You . . . You’re Through

This morning, Ingrid and I were driving down a road in Los Fresnos, Texas when we were startled to see a large black anvil sitting at the edge of the road. A mile later we saw a wooden crate with the letters TNT stenciled on the side. A little bit further we saw a pile […]

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Cattle Tyrant

This South American Flycatcher has absolutely the greatest bird named ever . . . Cattle Tyrant . . . think about that . . . that’s a  fun name! Typically, this bird follows grazing animals in small flocks across farmland and marshes . . . in South America.  Until November 11 of 2023, it had […]

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Sandhill Cranes at Dawn

As Ingrid and I birded our way from Miami to Texas, we spent a night outside of Gainesville, Florida. The following morning we were up early to search for the secretive Bachman’s Sparrow . . . a non-descript bird that is best found when singing in the late winter and spring. We heard and saw […]

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Miami Exotics

Yesterday, Ingrid and I toured the Miami, Florida area looking for Exotic Birds.  Generally speaking, exotics are species brought to the United States from South America or Asia as pets.  They escaped (or were released) . . . met up with a similar exotic of the opposite sex . . . and had babies. Many […]

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Species Spotlight – Vermillion Flycatcher

Species Spotlight – Vermillion Flycatcher Perhaps the most vibrant of flycatchers is the Vermilion Flycatcher, particularly the male with his bright scarlet and black plumage and dapper black eye mask. Females are brownish with just a tinge of red on the belly. Vermilion Flycatchers are typically found in the southwest, but like all birds, can […]

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Redheads by the Thousands

With apologies to “I Love Lucy” fans . . . Ingrid and I have never been as impressed by Redheads as were today. Thousand and thousands of these beautiful ducks were packed closely together along Pea Island NWF on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina. If we see a single Redhead in Maine […]

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