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Birds of Leah’s Rock

Ingrid and I live beside a saltwater river along the coast of Maine.  Even though we are a good ten miles from the ocean, we have a huge tidal swing. Lobstermen pull their traps in front of our home, and we regularly see harbor seals. As a matter of fact, this week a humpback whale […]

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Marbled Godwit in Maine

Today Ingrid and I drove down to Hills Beach and Causeway in Biddeford Pool, Maine . . . one of the states premier places to see migrating shorebirds. We found a Marbled Godwit, one of the larger and more interesting of the migrating birds. ┬áIt has an enormous bi-colored bill that it uses to probe […]

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird Dogfights

Ingrid and I have five hummingbird feeders scattered around our yard . . . each one could easily accommodate a half dozen birds at the same time. But Ruby-throated Hummingbirds don’t like to share and the hummers in our yard spend most of the their late August days chasing each other away from these feeders. […]

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In mid-June our Haikubox was delivered after what seemed like an eternal product backorder. I ripped open the box like a little kid at Christmas!!!! A Haikubox is an AI-enabled device that identifies bird species around your home by their songs and alerts in real time when it recognizes one. This technology has been available […]

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