Monthly Archives: March 2020

Mar 292020

Red-shouldered Hawk

Maine, like the rest of the country is restricting gatherings and associations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While our town and county have had very few infections (none in over a week), restaurants and non-essential retail remain shuttered.  Ingrid is teaching her fourth grade class remotely.   Our governor has closed some of the more […]

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Mar 242020

Yellow-breasted Chat

This morning I spent two hours looking for the Yellow-breasted Chat, that has been seen in Capisic Pond in Portland, Maine.  Two or three Chats show up in Maine each year . . . Ingrid and I saw one back in 2015 on Monhegan Island. The bird was seen early this morning, just before I […]

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Mar 232020

Pink Footed Goose

One of the top birder in the state of Maine once told me: “you can be a great bird photographer or you can be a great birder” but you can’t be both.  In other words, if you are always trying to get the great “shot” you’re going to miss a number of birds and conversely, […]

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Mar 182020

Northern Shoveler

At lunch time I drove over to the Buffalo Ranch, a cow pasture in West Bath, where the owner used to run buffalo. About ten years ago the owner decided to get rid of the buffalo and raise more traditional cattle. But birders will always refer to it as the buffalo ranch as they return […]

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Mar 182020

Snow Geese

Today I saw came upon five Snow Geese feeding with dozens of Canada Geese. In the midwest, especially during migration to their breeding range in the Arctic . . . Snow Geese can be see in the tens of thousands. Its quite a spectacle. But in Maine, they can be quite rare. This was only […]

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Mar 162020

Red-breasted Merganser

Last night it was announced that Ingrid’s school would be closing for at least two weeks due to the COVID-19 virus.  Thus she spent the entire day working on remote lesson plans for her students.  Throughout our marriage I have spoken to numerous parents, former students and associates of Ingrid and they all state, universally, […]

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Mar 152020


As nation has slowly descended into total lock down over the COVID-19 virus . . . I decided to drive north to Weskeag Marsh in  South Thomaston to try a see the Gadwalls that have been hanging out there this week. When I arrived there were 5 other cars (each with multiple birders) also viewing […]

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Mar 132020

Female White-winged Scoter

I’ve been working on my species recognition . . . on the female side. Unlike with humans, male birds are much more attractive and colorful than their female counterparts and much more difficult to identify. For instance, yesterday I saw this female White-winged Scoter  (above) swimming by herself. It took me a while to figure […]

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Mar 1120201 comment

American Woodcock

March has been warm and it while massive blizzards are still possible here in Maine . . . there is a touch of spring in the air. This evening around dusk I headed over to the Zak Preserve in Boothbay, to look for the American Woodcock displaying  . . . a mating ritual like no […]

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Mar 52020

River Otter

Yesterday was a great day of Birding.   I saw a half dozen first of the year (FOY) birds including a rare Pacific Loon; discovered a terrific new birding location; and distressed from work. But the highlight of the day didn’t even have feathers. The day started with 54 Brants at Kettle Cove.  This is […]

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Mar 12020

Canada Goose

Its March 1st and the first day of spring is March 19th . . . and in Maine, that’s just a cruel joke. In Florida and Texas, reports of warblers and hummingbirds arriving and heading north appear on the internet but in Maine . . . Ingrid and I continue to watch our winter birds […]

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