Great Blue Herons

Great Blue Heron

I’m not the biggest fan of business travel . . . in fact I hate it.  One is cramped into small planes, cookie cutter hotels and far from loved ones.  Over the years, my job has had me on the road a lot  . . . and I’ve learned to grin and bear it.  Since I’ve become a birder, I’ve tried to squeeze one or two outings into every trip . . . and in the evenings, I email Ingrid my photos . . . and we talk about my sightings.  A nice way to close the gaps.

As usual when I travel to South Carolina, I checked out the Columbia Canal Walk and the Timmerman Trail and did pretty well . . . including two FOYs (first of year).

We have lots of Great Blue Herons around our house in Maine, but Columbia has even more (last year I saw two alligators stalking one).

Other highlights included . . . a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Brown Thrasher and Indigo Bunting

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