Lincoln’s Sparrow

Lincoln Sparrow

Ingrid refers to this year as “The Year of the Common Yellowthroat”, as they are everywhere.

I was running a course on the east side of Westport Island, so on my drive I decided to stop at a small lily pad pond and try my magical Yellowthroat phishing skills again.

As expected, a Common came right out. But a few seconds later a rather dark and small sparrow popped up out of the marsh . . . and it didn’t look like the ever-present Song Sparrow. I assumed it was a Swamp Sparrow, so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots.

When Ingrid and I looked at them we were confident that it wasn’t a Swamp . . . but a hard to find Lincoln’s Sparrow.

This morning we went out early and got some better photos, confirming the Lincoln’s . . . a lifer for us!!!

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