The Great Greater Yellowlegs Influx

Greater Yellowlegs Convention

Each fall, we see lots of Greater (and Lesser) Yellowlegs migrating through. The first travel will appear in mid August and we’re still seeing them in October. But like a lot of shorebirds, they don’t seem to dawdle in during their north bound spring migration . . . we might see one or two most years but thats it.

But this year there are dozens of Greater Yellowlegs everywhere. Every shoreline, vernal pool or large puddle seems to have a Greater Yellowlegs. It may be all the rain; or cold weather; or Donal Trump Tweets . . . but they are stopping and staying in Mid-coast Maine.

Today I saw several weird combinations of birds: the Yellowlegs, at least a dozen Ring-necked Ducks, and a Red-throated Loon . . . all uncommon for April 30.

Got our first Savannah Sparrow of the Spring.

A Kestrel, Osprey and Northern Harrier

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”253″ display=”pro_mosaic”]Not a bad haul for a back to work Monday.

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