Christmas Time White Pelican in New Hampshire

American White Pelicans winter in Mexico and southern parts of California, Texas and Florida.  During the summer they can be found in the Dakotas, Montana, Oregon, Northern California, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Last week one appeared in Maine for a few days . . . and today it showed up on the coast of New Hampshire.

Ingrid was taking a Saturday morning course, so I decided to birds some of southern Maine’s coastal birding spots . . . hoping to get a Razorbill . . . a bird we missed during its summer breeding season.

I started out at Cliff House in York, Maine . . . a beautiful resort positioned on Atlantic Ocean cliffs.  Its know for winter sea birds and being very birder friendly.

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Then I drove 15 minutes south to Nubble Lighthouse, one of the most photographed lighthouse in America.

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At this point I looked at my phone and noted the White Pelican had been seen this morning in Rye, New Hampshire and since I was only 15 minutes away . . .

The White Pelican was sitting on a beach and a number of birders were observing him basking in the unusually warm (53 degrees) December weather.  A bunch of the birders were heading to Portland, Maine to see the Great Black Hawk.  

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My final stop of the day was Marginal Way in Olgunquit where I got the Razorbill flying by.

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