Four FOY Birds


On January 1 . . . every bird one sees is a FOY (first of year bird) but as a winter progresses . . . it becomes increasingly difficult to see anything new.   

But in late March, things begin to change as birds begin to migrate north.

This morning I as sitting at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth right as the sun came up and at exactly 6:27 (sunrise) . . . eight Brants  came flying in.  I’ve seen Brants at the Cove several times over the years . . . but they are a rare visitor to Maine and thus a real thrill.

Later in the day after a business lunch I got our first Eastern Phoebe and Purple Finch of the year.

And on my commute home to Wiscasset this evening I saw our fourth FOY . . . a Blue-winged Teal at the Bath Country club.

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