Tundra Swan

Tundra Swan

There are three species of swans commonly found in North America . . . the Tundra, the Trumpeter and the Mute.   We see  Mute Swans quite regularly in New England (the famous Boston Commons has “Swan Boats”) . . . but Tundra and Trumpeter Swans rarely visit.

Three weeks ago, a Tundra Swan was reported at Dunstan Landing in Scarborough, Maine.  I jumped in the car in attempt to see it but missed it by about 20 minutes . . . those pesky speeding laws are really inconvenient.

Today I had better luck.   Early this morning in Lyman,  when one flew right over my car and landed in a sod field with dozens of Canada Geese. I was amazed at the size of the bird . . . as it towers over the Geese.

Tundra Swan

Other birds of the last couple days . . . 

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