Today we were up early for the 90 minute drive east through the Arizona desert to visit the legendary Ash Canyon Bed and Breakfast.  No longer operating as an Inn, the owner has dozens of feeding stations, chairs benches and bird blinds that birders can enjoy (for a $10 entrance fee).

Its well worth it!!!!

The highlight was a Pyrrhuloxia . . . a tongue twister that I don’t even try to pronounce (ask Ingrid). It closely resembles our female Cardinal but is only found in southern Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. This is our third birding trip over three years and we finally found him/her. Party time!!!!!

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”374″ display=”pro_mosaic”]Our next stop was a hike in Ramsey Canyon to search for the Elegant Trogan.  We failed but got some great photos of Painted Redstarts and a Western Tanager.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”375″ display=”pro_mosaic”]Our final full day in Arizona was spent at Madera Canyon chasing the Trogan . . . a hot frustrating and futile effort . . . but if you always got the bird it wouldn’t be challenge.


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