American Pipit

American Pipit

This weekend has been beautiful, if unseasonably cold.  With Ingrid busy doing class work I did some pretty heavy birding.  With the winter birds arriving and some late migrators hanging around . . . I had fun.

Late on Sunday after a couple hours at Reid State Park I was getting in the car when I heard a sharp call note at the other side of the almost empty parking lot. Landing in the middle of the median was an American Pipit . . . a nemesis bird that I last saw a couple years ago in California and only one other time in Maine.

Anyway, I immediately started photographing at a distance and was walking slowly toward the Bird. It was then I realized there were two little girls in my camera sightline, waiting for their Daddy to come out of the nearby Porta-Potty. When he emerged . . . it looked like I was photographing and approaching his daughters . . . not good . . . not good at all.

I quickly explained about the Pipit and Dad seemed genuinely interested (at least he didn’t kill me).

Other unusual (for Maine) Birds during the weekend . . .

American Coots:

American Wigeons:

American Wigeon

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