American Woodcock

American Woodcock

March has been warm and it while massive blizzards are still possible here in Maine . . . there is a touch of spring in the air.

This evening around dusk I headed over to the Zak Preserve in Boothbay, to look for the American Woodcock displaying  . . . a mating ritual like no other.

A few minutes after sunset, Timber Doodles (my favorite Woodcock nickname) will dance out of the woods into the meadow (using a comical up and down dance).  Once there . . . the males will begin calling over and over with a bizarre “bzeep” sound.  Then suddenly the suitors spring into the air flying hundreds of feet into the air and then spin back down to the ground using their wings to make a whistling sound.

Tonight, probably three weeks early, I heard/saw at least three displaying males . . . a good three weeks early.  Just wonderful.

In the morning I watched eleven Bald Eagles repeatedly attack a huge flock of ducks . . . amazing as well.

Eagle Strafing Ducks

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