Compressed Warbler Season Continues

Our Spring has been so cold and wet . . . plants and trees have been late to flower . . . and thus the caterpillars that warblers rely on for food have been late to emerge.  A couple weeks ago we had dozens of Yellow-rumped Warblers on our suet feeders as they were stressed from lack of food.

It appears now that the Warbler migration has become compressed by the weather.  This morning I went to Hinkley Park in South Portland, Maine and in 90 minutes saw the following warblers:

  • Bay-breasted
  • Black-and-White
  • Black-throated Blue
  • Blackburnian
  • Blackpoll
  • Canada
  • Cape May
  • Common Yellow-throat
  • Magnolia
  • Tennessee
  • Wilson’s
  • Yellow

and Northern Parula

 . . . all basically standing in the same spot.

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