Canada jay

Every birder has a White Whale . . . a bird we waste countless hours trying to “get” and always end up disappointed. Ours is the Canada Jay (also called Gray Jay, Whiskey Jack, Camp Robber, Lumberjack, Meat Bird, Venison Hawk, Moose Bird, Gorby Bird and Gooney Bird).

To add insult to injury, Alpine Skiers and Hikers in the White Mountains are often visited by groups of these little rascals, stealing food whenever they have a chance. But can Ingrid and I find them??? No luck.

Then today on a dirt road in Northern Maine . . . Ingrid and her husband Ahab finally got their Moby Dick as they were suddenly surprised by four very curious Canada Jays. Ingrid fed them pieces of her peanut butter sandwich which they gobbled right up just a few feet away.

There was even a black juvenile.

A real thrill for us both.

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